Sickness and Illness Policy

It is our policy at Springtime to encourage and promote good health and hygiene for all the children in our care.


This specifically includes monitoring the children for signs and symptoms of communicable diseases such as chicken pox, measles, mumps, rubella, meningitis, impetigo, hepatitis, conjunctivitis, diarrhoea, vomiting and fevers of 101EF/38EC or over. (See infectious diseases)

We would like to remind all parents of our policy regarding sickness within the Guidance of Surrey County Council and Health Protection Agency.


PLEASE DO NOT send your child into Nursery if you know that they are not well and especially if they have been vomiting, diarrhoea or have had a high temperature.   A busy classroom is not the right environment for a sick child and puts other vulnerable children at risk.



Your child should stay home and be clear from temperature for one full day, before returning to nursery.


Vomiting or Diarrhoea

Children must stay at home for 48 hours from the last episode of vomiting or diarrhoea.


Rash and skin infection and other infections

Any child suffering from a doubtful rash, sore throat, discharge from the eyes or nose, should be kept at home until a doctor has certified that the symptoms have disappeared.  



We do not administer antibiotics. Do not send your child into nursery if you have felt the need to give them Calpol or similar.

feeling unwell, should stay home and rest. A noisy and busy nursery is no place for sick children.



Contacting parents

With the welfare of the sick child in mind and in the interest of remaining children, if in the opinion of the staff the child is ill, then parent/carer will be contacted and requested to collect him/her as soon as possible.

If it is not possible for the parent/carer to collect within 30 minutes of the call then you need to arrange someone else to collect your child.

In an emergency, where parents cannot be contacted, the staff in charge will arrange for the child to be taken to the doctors or hospital.


If you need any further information please do not hesitate in contacting any member of staff.