Settling in Policy



We require you and your child to attend at least one session prior to the child’s start date. This is usually arranged the half term before the start date for your child where possible. However, children starting in September will attend a open morning/afternoon session where the parents can meet all the staff alongside other new starters.


No settling in sessions or outside visits will take place the first week of any new term.

Depending on the child we require parents to stay on the premises during the initial start day, (eg unless your child is used to being left without you).

Over the next few sessions, the staff will assess how your child has settled into Nursery as every child is an individual and they all have different needs.

Some children settle into Nursery quickly and some take a little more time, we feel it is important to give the child this time to be happy at nursery. In this case maybe we will be required to shorten the length of the sessions to suit the child’s needs. This will be discussed with parents if required.

  In September, having a larger amount of children starting we will stagger the intake; this is over no more than three weeks.


Before your child starts at Springtime we will require information regarding allergies and special requirements and these are shared with the staff. It is imperative that this information is used to safely look after your child. (Refer to confidentiality policy)




Key worker


We use a key person system in our setting, this helps to build positive relationships between children and staff. Where possible we will inform of your child’s key person before they start at Springtime.


Parents /Guardians please inform the staff/key person if your child requires a comforter in nursery to help them settle, but look to lessen the need for them as they settle with us.


Staff will inform the parent that we only administer prescribed medication to children.


Staff will ask if there are any likes or dislikes the child may have, which may help the child to settle.

Staff will inform the Parents /Guardians that there is a copy of the nursery’s policies and procedures in the porch way that they can view anytime.


There is a signing in/out sheet for parents to use on daily basis.


Notice Board in porch way this is updated on a daily basis with the information on activities, themes, resources and staff that are in attendance.


Staff photo’s on photo board in porch way. (Where possible)


Any Changes

Any queries regarding fees or any changes to sessions should be directed

to Amelda Anscomb. Our policy is that one months notice is required for any change made.


Springtime nursery feels that it is important that the child’s leaves Nursery with a happy and positive approach to school.