Digital Technology 

Mobile phones, Photography, ICT, Media, Facebook and Whistle Blowing


Due to Government Regulations we are not permitted to allow parents to take photographs or use video cameras at group events at Nursery


  • Nativity plays

  • Sports Days


    All parents need to give permission this will be asked for at the beginning of your child’s time at Springtime Nursery School. (Childs personal record form).


    We do not at Springtime Nursery School put any images of your child on our website.


    We do however take images of your child for evidence of their Surrey Early Years Foundation Stage Learning Journey these photos become yours at the end of your child’s time at Springtime Nursery School.


    You would be informed before hand, if we were using images of your child for a display at e.g. Shepperton Fayre or Church May Fayre etc.



    All staff must leave mobile phones in the office.



    We would ask all parents/carers to respect the rights of the staff, pupils and other parents and please use social media responsibly. Any parent/ carer found to be breaking this rule could be asked to remove your child from our nursery immediately.  

    Although it is recognized that members of staff will socialize and keep contact via Facebook, it is not acceptable that they comment on families, children or the nursery. If this is brought to our attention, a disciplinary will be put into action, starting with a verbal warning. If any comments are deemed derogatory or offensive, it will result in instant dismissal.




  We understand that children cannot always raise concerns. All staff are aware that it is their duty to do so, where concerns exist, about the management of Child Protection which might include attitudes or actions of their colleagues. They should speak to their Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO) if Amelda, Debi are not available.