Keyperson Policy

Key person

We use a key person system in our setting, to help the child become familiar with the setting, offer a settled relationship for the child and build a relationship with their parents.

You will be informed of your child’s key person before they start at Springtime.( Where possible)

How do we allocate key person?

When allocating key children we do have to make sure that rotas are based on the working hours and working patterns of staff so that where possible each key person is available for their key children, we put your child with the staff member that will see your child the most.

What happens on the days your child’s key person is not in?  

All staff members will also try to become familiar with all the children attending on their days. You will find that our staff members are friendly and approachable.; if your child is reluctant to leave main carer on arrival into nursery, You’ll find that our staff will approach you, to support you and your child into nursery.

Record keeping

Key person is primarily responsible for keeping up to date records on your child and planning their next step in their “learning journeys” to support and encourage their development and updating parents about their childs progress?

Learning journeys

The children’s learning journeys are kept in their named tray. This where we keep observations, photos and information regarding your child’s development to help monitor their development. You can access this folder on your child at any time. You are only allowed to look at your own child’s learning journey. Has time goes on you will see the folder fill out.  





You can speak to your key person on daily basis about your child, please be aware these can be busy times key person can have up to eight key children, to look after.


An appointment can be made at a more convenient time when your key person is not so busy and you have got more time.


You can ask at any time ask to speak to Mrs. Debi Hibbert if you have any concerns.


opportunities for parents to share what they know about their child with the key person?


“All about my child” questionnaire Before your child starts, it is important this information where possible is returned to nursery before your child starts. This can then be given to your key person.


Wow box stored in entrance to nursery, we are always interested to build a bigger picture of your child can do and were we can give support. If you have something to share we have documents near to signing in sheets these are for you to take add something, a wow.. moment information, picture anything. Then post in box for their key person to see, and they will add this to their “learning journey”.


About transitions


Information is relayed to parents about transitions, for example how their child has been during session settling in are given daily.


Please refer to our. Settling in policy