Intimate Care Policy

Intimate care



All children are included into springtime nursery school, regardless of whether or not they are toileted trained.

We will work with parents to help at any stage their child maybe at with regarding toileting, To make sure we are consistent with our toileting procedure if appropriate.


Information from parents

Any medical conditions are recorded on child’s individual personal record and staff made aware. All parents /cares should have filled in a All about my child questionnaire. And returned it to nursery before starting (where possible) answering the question. What is your Childs routine for nappy chancing or toileting?


Parents supply

Parents are to supply all nappies or pull ups, wipes, cotton wool, nappy bags any cream used should be named with child intended for use.

However once child is going to toilet we prefer pull -ups , has this encourages child’s independence to develop.


Change of clothes.

A change of clothes should also be left vat nursery in a named bag.

Early stages of toilet training we do ask parents put in bag up to 5 sets. Although we do have a supply of clothes for accidents this can quickly run out, when not washed and returned promptly.


Nappies and Soiled laundry Items

All soiled clothing and nappies are double bagged separately and sent home with parent/carer.

We don’t have a clinical waste collection.


Who will change my child.

Ideally it would be the child’s key worker as this is not always possible working different days , not practical if staff member is on snack bar.

After talking to child, discovering they needed a nappy or clothes changing, we have  

sometimes given the child a choice of available staff and they can choose someone the child is happy to allow, to change them. If not senior staff member would take over.

As a last resort and a child to distressed a phone call to contact the parents/carer would be made.


*Recording changes


We have a small message board just for staff; this kind of information is written.


This information is shared as and when required after each session has the child leaves nursery with parent/ carer. This seems to work well.


    *we do record any information regarding changes, times, wet or soiled ,we have revised this process March 2017 and will coninue with this record keeping.


  Equipment for toileting


  • Child size toilets x2

  • Step

  • Potty

  • Training toilet seat.(set up -under main seat on toilet)

  • Changing mat (on wall)

  • Baby wipes (shelf above hand basin)

  • Bags (cupboard above hand basin)

  • Anti -bacterial spray.(cupboard next to art shelves)

  • Paper towels (dispenser or cupboard above hand basins)

  • Disinfectant (cupboard next to art shelves)

  • Mop and bucket for toilet only (cleaning cupboard Decking area)


  • Bin for paper

  • Liquid soap

  • Spare clothes. (Child peg or tall draws toilet area)


         Personal protective equipment (PPE).


  • Disposable gloves (shelf above hand basin)

  • disposable plastic aprons

  • Liquid soap (cupboard above hand basins

  • Paper towels (dispenser or cupboard above hand basins)


    Personal protective equipment (PPE).

    We provide Personal protective equipment (PPE) for staff members.

    Disposable non-powdered vinyl or latex-free CE-marked gloves and disposable plastic aprons must be worn where there is a risk of splashing or contamination with blood/ body fluids (for example, nappy or pad changing).


    PPE when handling soiled clothing

    All staff are advised to wear PPE when handling soiled clothing. Children’s soiled clothing should be bagged to go home, never rinsed by hand..