Confidentiality Policy

Our aim at Springtime Nursery is ensure that all parents/carers can share their information in the confidence that it will only be used to enhance the welfare of their children

Parents have ready access to the Learning Journeys and records of their own children but do not have access to information about any other child.


Staff will not discuss personal information given by parents with other members of staff, except where it affects planning for the child's needs. Staff induction includes an awareness of the importance of confidentiality in the role of the key person.


Any concerns/evidence relating to a child's development and personal safety are kept in secure, confidential files and are shared with as few people as possible on a "need-to-know “basis.


Personal information about children, families and staff is kept in a lockable cupboard whilst remaining as accessible as possible.


Issues to do with the employment of staff, whether paid or unpaid, remain confidential to the people directly involved with making personnel decisions.


All the undertakings above are subject to the paramount commitment of Springtime Nursery, which is to the safety and well-being of the child. Please see also our policy on safeguarding children.


All staff at Springtime Nursery school are reminded that the Children Act 2006, places on you a specific responsibility to consider all information relating to provision of care in the nursery, the children, their parents/carers and government related organisations, as confidential. Breach of confidentiality is considered gross misconduct if a parent/carer has any concerns in this area they should speak to Mrs Amelda Anscomb or Mrs Debi Hibbert regarding this matter.