Behavior Management policy

Behavior Management policy


Mrs. Hibbert  is our appointed staff member to monitor and give special assistance in the area of behavior management. Mrs. Debi Hibbert has attended necessary courses to advise other staff on behavior issues and will access expert advice if necessary. 

Our behavior, sanctions and discipline policy is as follows:-

Children need to be set boundaries of behavior for their own safety and the safety of their peers. We aim to set these boundaries in ways that help to develop a sense of significance of their own behavior, both in their own environment and those around them.

Praise and encouragement are a significant part of motivating good behavior. We wholeheartedly support The Children’s Act 2006 guidelines on behavior, e.g bullying, must take into account of the age and stage of development of the child, be given time, be relevant to the action or actions and be fair.

No corporal punishment (slapping, smacking or shaking) and emotional chastisement (humiliation of children) never have been, and never will be, acceptable practices At Springtime Nursery. They will not be used at any time; it may however prove necessary to take physical interaction of a restraining nature to averting immediate danger of personal injury to any person (including the child) or serious damage to property.

Where physical intervention was taken for the purpose of averting immediate danger of personal injury to any person (including the child) or to manage a child’s behavior if absolutely necessary. A record will be kept of any occasion where physical intervention is used, and parents and/or carers will be informed on the same day, or as soon as reasonably practicable.

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