Anti Bullying Policy


We believe that every child has the right to a safe and secure environment in which to learn and achieve success. However, we recognise that bullying may take place and therefore this policy outlines our strategies for dealing with it.


The aims of our anti – bulling policy are:

  • To provide a safe and secure environment for our children.

  • To encourage respect for the individual at all times, celebrating the differences between us.

  • To prevent bullying behaviour.


    Awareness rising of bulling is included in our work with children – through:

  • Talk and sharing time in the classroom.

  • One to one talking with children or group of children.

  • Dealing with situations as and when they occur.


    All opportunities will be used as and when it is appropriate. Good practice in classroom and curriculum organisation and delivery reduces bulling opportunities and motivation.


    For example, in the classroom, consideration is given to:

  • Group work.

  • Practice in monitoring and stopping inappropriate behaviour.


    Out of the classroom, consideration is given to:

  • Careful supervision of all areas, particularly during break times helping to minimise bullying opportunities.

  • Policy and practice in relation to gender, race, citizenship, special educational needs and disabilities ect.

There is a response

To the person doing the bulling – will be spoken to. The parents will be involved strategies will to help the child not do it again will be put in place and followed up.

To the person being bullied – will be assured that the situation is being dealt with.

Staff will emphasise that the pupil is right to tell an adult in school if they are having a problem with another pupil.

We will review and follow up.

Will be carried out as appropriate to the situation. As in our behaviour policy, praise and encouragement will always be given to the child’s efforts to change, as this is our main aim.